When is it a Copyright Violation?

When Is It Copyright Violation - Leading Notes Blog

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Have you ever asked yourself if you’re in violation of copyright as you create custom sheet music for your students using your music notation software?

As a music educator who also owns a music notation software program, it’s easy to forget when I should, and shouldn’t be making custom arrangements for students without obtaining permission from an existing copyright owner. I spend my time during regular business hours at MakeMusic Inc., where I have access to an entire team of music engravers (Finale co-workers) and licensing experts (SmartMusic co-workers), so it’s easy to just shout over my cube wall and get amazing clarification on such a topic.

The Leading Notes blog asked if I would share the love and provide a quick guideline for music educators who also use music notation software in their teaching practice. Read the full article here.

When Is It a Copyright Violation?

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