AlphaNotes in Finale

AlphaNotes in Finale
AlphaNotes in Finale

I am an ongoing guest author for the Alfred Legerlines blog, writing a series of articles for pianists with tips on using Finale music notation software. If you are a piano teacher, you may like part one of this series, which walks you through the steps for creating Alpha Notes in your own arrangements.

My beginning students typically learn through a method that fits their personality. I like teaching from Piano Adventures and American Popular Piano. However, I like to include home-made supplemental material, and for students who are learning to sight read, I sometimes like to include AlphaNotes in their scores. AlphaNotes is a font by Finale that puts the note name or solfedge abbreviation inside the notehead. Using AlphaNotes can even help my student’s parents, as I find that parents like helping with piano homework, and spend time writing in the note names under the note heads… which isn’t always correct if the parents can’t read music!

I don’t use AlphaNotes with students for long, because I don’t want them to be a crutch for the student. But they are certainly helpful at the beginning of the sight reading process. AlphaNotes are easy to make in Finale.

Read the full article on the Alfred Ledgerlines blog:

The blog will also show you how to find piano repertoire for your students that comes with Finale.

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